Anatole has to live alone in his mother's house.

His routine is punctuated by the dubious intentions of Mr. and Mrs. Coqueluche, a couple who impose their rule on the neighborhood. Fortunately, Béatrice, the Coqueluche's daughter, comes to his aid.

directed by Thibault Delacoste

Produced by Compagnie Reine Mer
Co-produced by Ecole de Théâtre Rochefort Océan

with Victor Meyrand
Esther Boisson-Floc’h
Elsa Grzeszcza
Céline Chéenne
Éric Herson-Macarel
Rachel Lacaud-Martineau
Valentin Boraud

screenplay Thibault Delacoste
With the participation of Clément Vergnaud and Laurence Martineau-Deguilhem

1st assistant director Camilia Aït Ouarker
assistant director, script supervisor
Luz Dubos

Cédric Loustaunau
chief electrician Luka Siro
assistant electrician Guillaume Laporte
electrician advisor Matthieu Bena
sound engineer Olivier Boury

artistic director Rachel Lacaud-Martineau
set decorator Clément Vergnaud
assistant set decorator Caroline Moussy
assistant set decorator Manon Benhafaied
graphic designer Guillaume Laporte
head prop master Manaëlle Cobra
assistant prop master Martine Assayag
graphic artist Matthias Brienne
chief costumer Laurence Martineau-Deguilhem
costumer Thibault Delacoste
seamstress Joséphine Bethencourt
wardrobe, makeup, hair Rachel Lacaud-Martineau
wardrobe support Luz Dubos
makeup support Camilia Aït Ouarker
hair support Manon Benhafaied

production manager Thibault Delacoste
production assistant Lucas Rastoll
general manager Thibault Delacoste
production manager Caroline Moussy
production manager Manon Benhafaied
cook Mamina

film editor Thibault Delacoste
sound editor, mixer Olivier Boury
colorist Cédric Loustaunau

original music by Jimmy Magardeau

children from the shelter
Julie Cecchini, Milo Daniaud Perrufel, Lilura Delaval, Elisa Groisillier, Juliette Guenand,
Méline Large Barret, Sarah Maisonnet, Charlotte Morera,
Zora Rodriguez, Manon Sarraud, Lou Vendé​​​​​


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Lucas Rastoll-Mamalia
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