A theatrical journey to get you out of the framework :​Getting out of one’s personal framework. Getting out of one’s comfort zone. ​Having a different observation of yourself, others and the world that surrounds us. Let ourselves be surprised by the clown within us. ​Take the art out of its own frame : the words of an author, a painter's color stamp, the curves of a sculpture and give them a new meaning, a new atmosphere, a breath and a statement that sparks new emotions into a fixed pattern.

The pedagogical approach, the human, a technical actor

During the workshops the technique will be adressed in a disciplined and precise way.​We will work by exercising our voice and body, and realizing that each sound, each movement, each breathing modifies space and its energies.​A careful consideration will be given to physicality, movement and gaze study. We will develop with finesse the grammar of the gaze by observing the world and the movement. The actor’s gaze will be the first messenger of the story, the one that undeniably cannot lie, that look that make theatre happen (« Theatre » from latin « to watch »).​This technical basis will allow us, first and foremost, to find our zero point again, our neutrality and will above all be a common and universal language to work with. It is from this neutrality that we will be able to identify what surrounds us and invent our own language, draw our own connections between reality and fiction.

The encounter with the artwork the adressed disciplines

Once the technical aspect acquired we will practice our imaginary world from already existing works (paintings, sculptures, texts) and from improvisations which are the first track of all writing. Participants will be confronted with the act of creation, using clowning techniques to free their imagination and turn this moment of life into a theatrical act.​We will be able to get out of the technical framework to let our imagination speak, bring face to face or artistic visions and our sensitivities, identify ourselves with the world that surrounds us, the sounds, the substances, the nature. ​The clown will allow us to freeing ourselves from the social framework, question the standards, shout our revolts, our wounds, our loves in search of an ideal, of freedom, of life and dream.

teacher - Lucas Rastoll-mamalia
actor, director, clown

Native of Rochefort, Lucas Rastoll is graduated in drama from the Conservatoire Régional de Cergy-Pontoise.​He is versatile and it’s in multidisciplinary that he blossoms and finds the freedom to share his own vision of the world, his questions, his loves and his struggles. In his work he seeks to invent a new language : give birth to the beauty from the chaos, disrupt to put things back in order.​

He started working with the Vide Grenier Théâtre company for his creation « Pépé » for the Aurillac and Chalons festivals.​ In 2016, he moved to Iceland and got trained in masks and clowns techniques under the supervision of Rafael Bianciotto who worked as a director and teacher all around the world.​ He then became associated actor at the Freezer Theatre in West Iceland. He is associated to severeal creation as an actor and a director. He also take part in the theatre’s life by organizing many events and teaching workshops.

In 2017 he wrote and produced a clown show and toured in Iceland.​Since 2020 he is the artistic director of the french Reine Mer Theatre Company. In 2021 he wrote, directed and perform in “My name is Steinn” a contemporary masks and musical kids performance. The music was composed by Sacha Bernardson and masks created by Francesca Lombardi. He is curently working on an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night Dream in collaboration with Rafael Bianciotto et Mario Gonzalez.​

For his work Lucas is supported by the European Union, Communauté d’agglomération Rochefort Océan, the city of Rochefort, the departement of Charente-Maritime and Nouveau Théâtre Populaire.

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