"The Captain and the Sailor" follows the journey of an experienced sea captain and his earnest sailor who find themselves lost.

Their chance discovery of a mysterious chest buried in the sand alters their fate. Inside the chest lies an artifact that unexpectedly swaps their roles, thrusting the sailor into the captain's position and vice versa. As they grapple with this unforeseen transformation, the film navigates the complexities of social hierarchy, shedding light on the nuances of authority, status, and the dynamics of power.

Through this unexpected twist, the narrative delves into the implications of role reversal, offering a poignant reflection on societal constructs and the profound impact of shifting social ranks.

Produced by Compagnie Reine Mer & Zéfiro Théâtre
for Indonesia International Mask Festival (IIMF) 2021​

screenplay Lucas Rastoll et Rafael Bianciotto

Rafael Bianciotto
Lucas Rastoll

soundtrack Jean-Luc Priano​

masks Etienne Champion et Alaric Chagnard​​​​​