Dive into the captivating world of Oskar, a rebellious actor in a cabaret controlled by artificial intelligence.

Tonight, Oskar decides to revolt and present a show that reflects his vision of life, freedom, and love.

But the AIs won't let him do it without a fight. The countdown has begun, time is running out. Will we witness Oskar's final performance?​Amidst this struggle, an unexpected encounter takes place: Oskar befriends another artificial intelligence, that of his phone. But can he truly trust it? Is it genuine friendship or a trap set by another machine?​

In this intense show, discover the stakes of the relationship between man and machine, the quest for freedom, and the questioning of our trust in technology. Let yourself be carried away by Oskar's energy and audacity, and live each moment as if it were the last.​

Get ready for a unique theatrical experience, blending suspense, emotions, and profound reflections on the role of artificial intelligence in our society. Don't miss this show that will make you doubt everything you thought you knew about machines.

50 minutes, clown show - from age 10

Premiere on March 10, 2017, at the Freezer Theatre, as part of a partnership between the theater and Lucas Rastoll as an associated actor for the 2016/2017 season.​​​

directed and performed by Lucas Rastoll-Mamalia

artistic advisor
Kári Viðarsson

stage management
Rachel Angusta​

costumes and clown nose Lucas Rastoll-Mamalia

​aerial circus training Sirkus Ísland, Iceland National Circus​​

- acknowledgments-
The Freezer Theatre et Kári Viðarsson,
Rafael Bianciotto, Coco Felgeirolles, Agnès Grelier, Thierry Stegmüller​​​​​​


Morgunblaðið: " A clown revolts on !"

Lucas Rastoll Presents his Clown Show "Champagne!" at the Freezer Theatre 
"I studied acting in France for three years and also trained in dance and circus arts, including acrobatics, at a circus called Fratellini. I also attended a clown and masks course with Rafael Bianciotto, who has been regularly teaching clowning in Iceland since 1995. Thanks to him, I moved to Iceland and took a workshop with Icelandic clowns," says French clown Lucas Rastoll. Tonight at 8 PM, Rastoll will premiere his clown show "Champagne!" at the Freezer in Rif, Snæfellsnes. He has been working on the show for four months at the Freezer. ​

More Than Just Laughter ​
"Champagne!" tells the story of a clown named Óskar who is controlled by a machine. The entire theater is under the control of the machine. It's a new kind of theater, but one day Óskar rebels against the machine, expressing his desire to no longer be controlled by it. He doesn't want to be limited to making people laugh; he wants to be himself and have control over his own actions. So, the story revolves around the interaction between the clown and the machine," explains Rastoll. The machine communicates with the clown using a voice similar to that of an iPhone. ​ Kári Viðarsson, an actor and theater director at the Freezer, provides the voice for the machine, but inside the machine is Rachel, who prefers not to reveal her last name. She is a volunteer who came from Hawaii to work at the Freezer," Rastoll reveals. ​

Yearning for Freedom ​
"Champagne!" is the first clown show in Iceland to be entirely controlled by a machine. Rastoll says that during the show, he plays with his fingers in front of the machine. "There's a lot of freedom and improvisation in the show because the clown is meant to represent freedom. Rachel, who operates the machine, interacts with the clown, and unexpected things happen," Rastoll says, laughing.

Óskar speaks during the performance, but not extensively. "He speaks English but prefers to express himself through his body," says Rastoll. ​ Why is the show called "Champagne!"? "Because it symbolizes the liberation of the clown. He refuses to be a traditional clown with a white-painted face and a red nose. He wants to wear fur and drink champagne whenever he pleases. He desires the freedom to do as he pleases and be a clown on his own terms. This show celebrates freedom while exploring the role of a clown," explains Rastoll. He adds that the show's signature song is Gala's dance hit, "Freed from Desire," released in 1996. ​

Clown Haven
Rastoll expresses his familiarity with Rif and Iceland in general. "I believe Iceland is a haven for clowns. There are many clowns in Reykjavík, and it seems that clowns are quite popular here," Rastoll remarks. "Is Iceland truly a clown haven?" I ask. Rastoll laughs and confirms it. "It may sound unusual, but it's true. If I could give advice to clowns worldwide, I would encourage them to visit Iceland at least once," he fluently states."


• January to March 2017: Residency
at The Freezer Theatre, Rif, Icel​and


Lucas Rastoll-Mamalia
+33 767 436 535


• march 2017,
at The Freezer Theatre, Rif, Icel​and​